Guide to Medical Sharps Containers

Used medical items and other sharp medical instruments are disposed of in a sharps container which is a special type of container for this purpose. There are two types of sharps disposal containers and the first is meant for a single use and are disposed off with the waste inside. And the second type is the reusable sharps containers which are emptied robotically and sterilized and then re-used. The reason for these containers is that sharing needles can cause AIDS (HIV) and other blood infection and thus these containers are used by many developed countries for placing used needles.

There are many traders that are selling different brands of containers that are uniquely designed which offers point of use convenience and other useful features. They design, manufacture, and distribute medical technology products that are very safe and effective so that there is a minimal impact in the environment.

When buying these IDC Medical sharps containers, you should make sure that you buy only the best quality medical containers and not the sub-standard ones for disposing your sharps, since your company may be liable for lawsuits if your employees get injured using these sub-standard ones.

It is an absolute must to handle and dispose of medical waste properly and many of the online companies manufacturing and supplying these containers at are keenly aware of this. That is why they offer ergonomically designed containers which are equipped with features like a user safety handle and an extra wide mouth so that the sharp disposal can be done accurately.

Today, as the focus on safety and environmental impact has increased, there are many government mandates about medical device standards from health facilities. This has brought about the introduction of reusable containers which have built-in safety devices like locking devices and trays. If you want to learn more about medical waste disposal, you can visit

Healthcare facilities throw away thousands of disposable sharps containers each year, and this is why the amount of medical waste can be very labor intensive. There is a reusable sharps container program which is an outsourced work for the whole facility which decreases waste and saves money. In this program, an outside company comes and removes sharps containers which are almost full and them replaces the full container with a reusable clean and sterilized container.

There are also travel sharps containers that you can use to dispose medical wastes while you are traveling. There are times when you will be needing injections and when you are done using it, you can have these zippered sharps pouches where you can place a few needles till you get home to transfer them to your regular sharps containers. These are small, closable and puncture resistant containers that you can take along with your while on the go.